Image acquisition problems with Point Grey GS3-USB3 camera in Image Acquisition Toolbox

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I am using a Point Grey Grasshopper USB3 camera (GS3-U3-23S6M, firmware version in the following environment: MATLAB R2015a, Windows7 64bit, MacBookAir 13 inch mid2012, Point Grey driver (PGRUsbCam.sys - it crashes constantly with the latest driver), pointgrey imaq adaptor, USB driver for Intel USB 3.0 eXtensible Host Controller (as the trackpad and keyboard are connected through USB as well I didn't risk using the PGR USB host controller driver).
I want to use the camera in Mode 7, I need the maximum well depth and 12 bit ADC. I need to control the exposure time to get the most signal out in the brightest end of the histogram. However, I run into controlling some of the camera settings. Having set ExposureMode to 'Off', FrameRatePercentageMode and FrameRatePercentage seem not have any effect on acquisition. GainMode seems to behave as on 'Manual' regardless of what it is set to. Also, stoppreview(obj) occasionally makes Matlab unresponsive, needs force quit.
So my questions would be:
1. is there any documentation of this adaptor? any known issues list?
2. did anyone manage to use point grey USB3 cameras reliably(!) in MATLAB?
Any input appreciated.
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Israel Vaughn
Israel Vaughn on 14 Feb 2018
Hi Ede,
I think they have incorrectly set the Exposure value to another time offset setting, the Shutter value (use src.Shutter from getselectedsource) appears to actually be the exposure value.

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Ede on 14 Feb 2018
Thanks, Israel, I can confirm that is the case, with a few other hard-to-guess things. What would be the fun in it if it would just work, right? ;)

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