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How to coupling two bevel gears?

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Linzhu Yue
Linzhu Yue on 13 Oct 2022
Answered: Steve Miller on 20 Dec 2022
Dear all,
I have three bevel gear, and I wanna use those three gears to simulate a differential gear box. Show as follows. When the horizon bevel gear (num 1 and num 2) have same velocity, the vertical gear (num 3) should rotate in the z-axies in the world frame. when the horizon bevel gear(num1 and num2) have different velocity. The vertical gear(num3) should rotate along z-axies and y-axies in the world frame. And the kinematics show as the second picture.
My questions is , when I try to do this, I can control one rotate direction, along Z axies or along y, I can not control two of them. How do I solve this problem. I try many methods but it doesn' work. Thank you very much.
And my simulink model show as follows:
The kinematics which I want.

Answers (1)

Steve Miller
Steve Miller on 20 Dec 2022

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