Why can't I open MATLAB after installation?

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Kasra on 30 Sep 2022
Answered: Image Analyst on 30 Sep 2022
I am a student at ncsu so I have license and I downloaded the software straight from this website and had no problem with the installation and license. But after I have installed the software there is nothing in my desktop and there is no MATLAB exe file on my computer. So no matter how many times I download and install the software. I can not find the file to open and run matlab on my computer. please help

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 30 Sep 2022
See if you have a "C:\Program Files\MATLAB" folder. Or ask a classmate who has it working. Or call the Mathworks for free help, even for students. Do it soon. they close in about 20 minutes for the weekend.





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