Error: Index in position 2 exceeds array bounds (must not exceed 155).

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I get this error: Index in position 2 exceeds array bounds (must not exceed 155). Why??
for i= 1:length(FRI_10000_DOK_nonan)
Z1(i,:)= 1:155;
if isnan(Zeit_Flutende_10000_BA_nonan(i,:))== 1 | Zeit_Flutende_10000_BA_nonan(i,:)==0
Y_draw_10000_BA(i,[1:50])= nan;
FRI_HQ10000_draw_BA(i,[1:50])= nan;
Y_draw_10000_BA(i,:) = Z1(i,Zeit_Flutende_10000_BA_nonan(i,:):(Zeit_Flutende_10000_BA_nonan(i,:)+49)) ;
FRI_HQ10000_draw_BA(i,:) = FRI_10000_DOK_nonan(i,Zeit_Flutende_10000_BA_nonan(i,:))+slope_HQ10000_BA(i,:)*(Y_draw_10000_BA(i,:)-Y_draw_10000_BA(i,1)); % 10 samples before end point + slope = line
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KSSV on 28 Jun 2022
The mat files which you have uploaded and the variables given in the code, do not match. There are some undefined variables.

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Sai Charan Sampara
Sai Charan Sampara on 28 Jun 2022
Edited: Sai Charan Sampara on 28 Jun 2022
The only two places where there is a variable in 2nd index place is in these two lines.
Y_draw_10000_BA(i,:) = Z1(i,Zeit_Flutende_10000_BA_nonan(i,:):(Zeit_Flutende_10000_BA_nonan(i,:)+49)) ;
FRI_HQ10000_draw_BA(i,:) = FRI_10000_DOK_nonan(i,Zeit_Flutende_10000_BA_nonan(i,:))+slope_HQ10000_BA(i,:)*(Y_draw_10000_BA(i,:)-Y_draw_10000_BA(i,1));
So make sure that ,
Zeit_Flutende_10000_BA_nonan(i,:)+49 < size(Z1,2) and
Zeit_Flutende_10000_BA_nonan(i,:) < size(FRI_10000_DOK_nonan,2)

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