If you want to input holding torque to the joint block

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We are currently modeling a robot arm in Simulink's Simscape Multibody.I am modeling the joints taking into account gravitational acceleration, but I want the joints to maintain their posture until a control input is given.I would like to apply a holding torque to the joint block to hold its posture until a control input is applied, is there a way to hold it with a switch or something?I would appreciate it if you could let me know.

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Steve Miller
Steve Miller on 9 Jan 2023
You can use joint modes to lock the degree of freedom, and then release it when you want the joint to move. This will, however, lock the joint such that the frames are aligned, so you will have to position it such that the position of 0 meters or 0 degrees of deflection is right where you want it.
You could also use a PID block to use closed-loop control to hold the joint in a fixed position.

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