Importing a table as (:,1) timedate (:,2) categorical

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Hi there,
I have used the import functionality in the past without issue, I am currently trying to import a .txt file which contains a column of timedate data and a column of categorical data (I will include some generated data below). I have tried to use the opts option however cannot get the format to work, I will include the script below;
opts = detectImportOptions('mytabledata.txt'); % Get opts to change
opts.VariableTypes{1} = 'datetime' % Change column 1
opts.VariableTypes{2} = 'categorical'; % Change column 2
opts.VariableOptions.DatetimeFormat ='HH:mm:ss.SS'; % Set weird TD format to match data
T = readtable('mytabledata.txt', opts); % apply new options
I get the following error for => opts.VariableOptions.DatetimeFormat ='HH:mm:ss.SS'; which I cannot work out.
Assigning to 2 elements using a simple assignment statement is not supported. Consider using comma-separated list
I don't really use the datetime variable enough to see what is happening and plan to change this to seconds anyways, I just need to make sure its importedd correctly first.
Kind regards,
Table data looks something like this
'15:45:07.00' 'Stage 1'
'15:45:07.00' 'Stage 2'
'15:47:07.00' 'Stage 1'

Accepted Answer

Voss on 1 Jun 2022
opts.VariableOptions is an array. You meant to set a property (DatetimeFormat) of the first element of the array but instead accidentally tried to set that property of all elements of the array.
% opts.VariableOptions.DatetimeFormat ='HH:mm:ss.SS'; % all elements
opts.VariableOptions(1).DatetimeFormat ='HH:mm:ss.SS'; % first element only

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