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I have a 16001x11 table and what I want to do is to choose two columns and extract every 39 values of the column, perform a calculation (find the area in this case) and continue for the next set of 39 values for the entire height of the column.
Here is for example what I did for the first set of values.
cyclefirst = [Test_1_cycling.x_LINDT_Load_Cent_(1:39), Test_1_cycling.x_LINDT_LDT035_Cent_(1:39)];
A_loop = polyarea(cyclefirst(:,1),cyclefirst(:,2));
It works just fine, but I am struggling on finding a way to do the same for the entire height of the table, by simply perorming the same calculation for every 39 parameters.
Any ideas would be much appreciated.

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Benjamin Kraus
Benjamin Kraus on 16 May 2022
Edited: Benjamin Kraus on 16 May 2022
Would a for loop do what you need? Something like this:
h = height(Test_1_cycling);
n = ceil(h/39);
A_loop = NaN(n,1);
for i = 1:n
range_start = (i-1)*39+1;
range_end = min(range_start+38,h);
range = range_start:range_end;
cyclefirst = [Test_1_cycling.x_LINDT_Load_Cent_(range), Test_1_cycling.x_LINDT_LDT035_Cent_(range)];
A_loop(n) = polyarea(cyclefirst(:,1),cyclefirst(:,2));
Vasileios Papavasileiou
Vasileios Papavasileiou on 17 May 2022
Edited: Vasileios Papavasileiou on 17 May 2022
Thanks, now it works as I wanted. Just a small detail needs to be changed to avoid any confussions, "A_loop(n)" should be "A_loop(i)", otherwise only the last value is returned.
You can also edit it in your code if you like.

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