Why three phase source is producing variable power in PV mode?

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I want to simulate a system with a three-phase source and a three-phase load, where a three-phase source produces constant active power at a constant terminal voltage independent of a change in load. If load increases or decreases, the three-phase source power output must not change; the frequency must increase or decrease. I am changing the power flow setting to PV to obtain my objective. However, the source is changing power generation to maintain the power balance in the system (also the frequency at 50 Hz). Is the PV mode given for the three-phase source wrong, or am I missing something? Thanks!

Answers (1)

Sabin on 23 Dec 2022
A model would help understand better what the pain points are. If my understanding about what you’re trying to achieve is correct I believe this is most likely a modeling issue. The way the system is built will likely try to keep the system balanced.


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