How can i display I of YIQ from a jpg image?

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YYK on 21 Apr 2022
Answered: DGM on 22 Apr 2022
I use the code:
YIQ= rgb2ntsc(I);
I2 = YIQ(:,:,1)&YIQ(:,:,2);
title('[7] I-color(orange/blue',FontSize=7);
Is anything wrong?

Accepted Answer

DGM on 22 Apr 2022
The assignment text doesn't make any sense. The logical AND of Y and I or Y and Q isn't anything useful -- and it's certainly not a helpful hint.
I answered a similar question a while ago:
Maybe the difference here is that instead of trying to represent I and Q on some locus of constant luma, they want to actually substitute the luma into the visualization of I and Q. It doesn't really make sense to show it like that, but I guess you could.
A = imread('YIQ_components.jpg'); % original barn image montage
rgbframe = A(1:size(A,1)/4,:,:); % cropped RGB portion
img = rgb2ntsc(rgbframe);
[Y I Q] = imsplit(img);
a = zeros(size(img, 1), size(img, 2));
just_Y = repmat(Y,[1 1 3]); % replicate so that it can be concatenated
just_I = ntsc2rgb(cat(3, Y, I, a)); % use source Y instead of a flat field
just_Q = ntsc2rgb(cat(3, Y, a, Q));
% concatenate for simple viewing
imshow([im2double(rgbframe) just_Y; just_I just_Q]);
Compare this against the answer provided in the link above.

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