Do changes in .m file after batch submission, while the job is queued, take effect for the current run?

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Hi! I have a case submitted to parallel computation using the batch function. However, it has not started yet, and it is queued in the cluster I use. I have realized that I need to do some modifications in the .m file that I have submitted using batch. Then, I would like to know whether the changes that I do in the .m file whose job is queued take effect when the computation starts. Or does Matlab create a copy of the .m file in the moment you use batch in such a way that the changes that you do in the .m file would you only take effect for a new job submission?
Thank you in advance!

Accepted Answer

Raymond Norris
Raymond Norris on 20 Apr 2022
The latter. MATLAB attaches all the files it needs with the job. You'll want to delete the job, eg.
c = parcluster;
j = c.batch();
And then resubmit a new job.

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