Can class/object parameters store structs? If not, is there an equivalent?

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I am trying to usefully name internal state variables in a class I am writing (disclaimer: I started doing objected oriented coding yesterday). I have successfully stored scalars and strings in the class/object properties, but I was trying to store a group of memory locations like:
MemLoc.GainArray = [];
MemLoc.OffsetArray = [];
MemLoc.ConvolverMatrix = [];
MemLoc.ConvolverGain = [];
MemLoc.IntegrationTime = [];
Unfortunately, having the period in the name (as happens with a struct) causes an error in matlab. How can I store a struct such as this in an object parameter?

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Daniel Shub
Daniel Shub on 29 Sep 2011
The answer is yes you can. Where are you trying to do this? It looks like maybe in the properties section of your classdef file. You need to use the struct function to initialize it, or initialize it in the constructor method.
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Sean on 30 Sep 2011
Thank you for answering. I was indeed trying to set the struct values in the properties section using the same syntax that I normally would at the command line. I didn't even realize there was a struct() command until you mentioned it.

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Gaganjyoti Baishya
Gaganjyoti Baishya on 20 Jun 2020
Yes definitely you can. I was also wanting the same to be done. So you just need to declare that struct variable inside the properties section and initialise it's value in the constructor of the class.
Something like this:
function obj = myClass(obj)
obj.myStruct.myField = 1;

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