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Regarding importing excel in matlab

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heii friends.....i need help..... I have excel sheet .... The first 5 lines have unwanted text containing header date name etc.... actual data starts from 6th line.... I need to get an array which should have data of first column and another array that will have data of all other columns....... I tried with the code as shown below but i get error stating not enough input arguments ....can any1 suggest modifications/correct way so as to solve the problem...... clc; clear all; close all; b=[]; a=[]; [num,txt,raw] = xlsread('C:\Users\SONY\Desktop\goodresults\22122014.xlsx'); [r,c]=size(raw); a=raw(6:r,1); b=raw(6:r,2:c); figure(1),plot(a,b);

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Shoaibur Rahman
Shoaibur Rahman on 2 Jan 2015
xlsread import excel data with cell type. Convert them to double before plotting. In this case u can use cell2mat function:
A = cell2mat(a);
B = cell2mat(b);
figure(1), plot(A,B);
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Yogesh Rao
Yogesh Rao on 2 Jan 2015
Hey I tried with the above code you mentioned. It worked ! Thanks a lot for timely help ! Thanks a lot again !

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