Writing code for given general matrix in MATLAB

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How do I write a code for the following matrix of order cM X cM?
Here, where are all known scalars and 's are function handles which I have defined using cell array as h_{i,j}.

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 20 Feb 2022
c = 3
c = 3
M = 5
M = 5
syms h(T) [c, M]
syms t [c, M]
H = reshape(cellfun(@(C) reshape(C.', 1, []), h(t), 'uniform', 0).',[],1);
H = vertcat(H{:})
H = 
Saurabh Madankar
Saurabh Madankar on 22 Feb 2022
I haven't really understood the code totally, but I will give some time and see. Thanks for answering.

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