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Can students change scripts in Live Editor without having Matlab installed.

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I have an exercise in Matlab that I need to make able for the students to do from home due to the Covid restrictions. I was thinking of using Live Editor as I have understood it as they will not have to install Matlab on their computer to run it. Is this correct? Is there in that case somewhere an instruction how to save or compile? Do the students need to install any other program and can it be run in Windows, Mac and Android or is there any limitations?
I understand that they can read through the pdf and see text, code and figures if added, but if I want them to change in the scripts and adapt. Is that doable without Matlab installed?

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 21 Jan 2022
No, they would need MATLAB installed for what you describe.
However perhaps you can use "MATLAB Online", see


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