Subs command substituting the values of variables that was earlier define symbolic but when I am using plot command error message came "Non numeric data"

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UB on 20 Jan 2022
Commented: UB on 21 Jan 2022
I have the expression det k in symbolic bc and kh.
detk= k31*k22-k32*k21
bc is replaced by om/kh, om is symbolic too
mega=ub*nb % ub=2, nb=1
wnen code is running, expression of xx comes but not in simplified form. It contains operators *, /, sinh, cosh etc. and wnen I am trying to plot it error message came that non numeric data and plot is not supported.
Error using plot
Non-numeric data is not supported in 'Line'
Error in cal (line 233)

Accepted Answer

KSSV on 21 Jan 2022
Convert the symbolic class into double using the function double. Read about it.

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