Solving partial differential equation of second in two variables

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how to solve this partial differential equation? here u is a function of r and theta, I know the boundary conditions but how to apply them and solve this equation to get u as a function of r and theta solution.
Torsten on 14 Jan 2022
Edited: Torsten on 14 Jan 2022
Why spend the effort to use a numerical solver of the result is obvious with the boundary conditions you gave ?
And no: there is no ready-to-use MATLAB solver for 2-dimensional partial differential equations.
You will have to discretize the PDE and use "linsolve" to solve for the values of u in the grid points.
Maybe you could search in the file exchange for "general elliptic partial differential equation on rectangle" or see whether MATLAB's PDE toolbox supports the form of your equation.

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Answers (1)

jessupj on 13 Jan 2022
Context for this question is insufficient. Using matlab, are you attempting a numerical or symbolic answer?




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