What happen if I install 2 version of Matlab at the same time

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I installed Matlab 2021b on my computer recently, but it is hard for me to get used to it. So I decided to install an older version for work and learning while I try to get used to the 2021b. What negative situation that I can get when I install 2 different versions on my computer?
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dpb on 3 Jan 2022
Just user confusion of which one you're using at a given time -- and the (evenutal) propensity to want to use newer features in the older release.
As long as you install each in it's own subdirectory, the installs are totally independent of each other...I personally use a shortened direct folder ML_RYYYYV which uniquely identifies which and is easy and simply to type in fullfile() calls if/when need to address a working or other subfolder...

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 3 Jan 2022
It should be okay. The main problem is that if your script uses functions that were not yet introduced in the old version. You can look at the bottom of the help documentation for each function to see what version it was first introduced in.
What version do you have? In my experience, since they introduced the tool ribbon, all versions have been pretty much the same. Just new functions come along in each new version. But the tool ribbon was the last major change in the main MATLAB user interface. What exactly is it hard for you to get used to?

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 3 Jan 2022
If you are using MS Windows, then only one of the versions at a time can be the Automation server.
On all operating systems, only one version at a time can be designated as the version to use when you click on a MATLAB-associated file such as a .m file or a .fig file.
MATLAB may occupy about 15 gigabytes of disk, so you might find that you need to prune out old versions for space reasons.

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