The matlab quiver arrow is lying down.

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SeungHyeop Lee
SeungHyeop Lee on 24 Dec 2021
Commented: SeungHyeop Lee on 24 Dec 2021
I drew a graph using the matlab quiver function, but the arrows appear in 3D on a plane, so it is difficult to recognize them.
The x-axis is observation time, the y-axis is altitude, and u and v are wind components.

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KSSV on 24 Dec 2021
Play with scale.
scale = 0.5 ;
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SeungHyeop Lee
SeungHyeop Lee on 24 Dec 2021
Above is the graph with the scale corrected.
But I want to display it like the graph below.
I wonder why arrows are drawn in 3D.
It feels like an arrow is pointing at me off the screen.

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