I can't output my data into excel in rows even though it is a 17x1 array

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I have 6 data sets that are each 17x1 arrays. I want to output them to an .xlsx file and add names to the top of the columns. I have used the following code:
writetableA={'Hp','V0','fuel','RoC',textdelta,'\nu ';'(ft)','(kts)','(kg)','(fpm)','\circ','(kts)';HpA,TASA,FuelA,RoCoutputA,dA,vwA}
When I open the .xlsx file everything is in columns. I tried to put HpA.',TASA.',FuelA,' etc. to transpose them but it didn't change anything.
On a side note how do I get the symbols to show as symbols?

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KSSV on 16 Nov 2021
USe write2table. Read about it.
Alexander Purvis
Alexander Purvis on 17 Nov 2021
Thank you for your answer. I get why you sent that but it didn't help me entirely. I wanted to have the data in that format and be able to have a title+subtitle for each variable.
I used this code in the end:
filename='Part1_GpA.xlsx'; % Create .xlsx file
varNames={'Hp','V0','fuel','RoC','\delta','\nu '}; % Title of variables
tableA=table(HpA,TASA,FuelA,RoCoutputA,dA,vwA,'VariableNames',varNames); % Create table of values
tableAnew=tableA([1:1,1:end], :); % Add blank row as space for units
writetable(tableAnew,filename,'Sheet','Group_A','Range','A1') % Write newtable into .xlsx
varunits={'(ft)','(kts)','(kg)','(fpm)','\circ','(kts)'}; % Create array of unit names
writecell(varunits,filename,'Sheet','Group_A','Range','A2') % Write unit names into
Which outputted the data into excel, added a blank row and inserted a second set of data into it for the units. It's not elegent but it works.
Can you please tell me how I can get \nu and the other symbols to be outputted as such?

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