I cannot use the lugauss function to calculate L and U factors from matrix A. Please help!

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I have attached my operating code and here is the lugauss funciton:
function A=lugauss(A)
%LUGAUSS LU factorization without pivoting.
% A = LUGAUSS(A) stores an upper triangular matrix in
% the upper triangular part of A and a lower triangular
% matrix in the strictly lower part of A (the diagonal
% elements of L are 1).
if n ~= m; error('A is not a square matrix'); else
for k = 1:n-1
for i = k+1:n
A(i,k) = A(i,k)/A(k,k);
if A(k,k) == 0, error('Null diagonal element '); end
j = [k+1:n]; A(i,j) = A(i,j) - A(i,k)*A(k,j);

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