How can i run the same scripts of Matlab in Matlab app design?

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Line 1: t=readtable("Load.xlsx");
Line 2: app.UITable.Data=t;
Line 3: time=t(:,1); % first colomn
Line 4: power_PV=t(:,2); % second colomn
Line 5: peak_power=max(power_PV);
Line 6: average_power=sum(power_PV)/length(power_PV);
Line 7: app.PeakPowerEditField.Data=peak_power;
Line 8: app.AveragePowerEditField.Data=average_power;
This script i have executed in Matlab already. But unable to run this script in Matlab App Design.
showing error in line 5: "Invalid data type. First argument must be numeric or logical"
i think it will be shown the same issue with "sum" function.
would you please light up what is the reason and the solution ? attached the excel file.

Accepted Answer

Cris LaPierre
Cris LaPierre on 5 Nov 2021
You get the same error if you run your script in MATLAB (after commenting out the lines starting with app.). The issue is that t is a table. When you use paretheses on a table, the output is a table (time, power_Pv). The functions max and sum do not accept tables as inputs. The solution is to either use curly braces (returns an array)
time=t{:,1}; % first colomn
power_PV=t{:,2}; % second colomn
or dot notation
time=t.Time; % first colomn
power_PV=t.LoadPower; % second colomn
See the Access Data in Tables page for more details.
Personally, I would use dot notation without extracting the values to a separate variable.
app.PeakPowerEditField.Data = max(t.LoadPower);
app.AveragePowerEditField.Data = sum(t.LoadPower)/length(t.LoadPower);

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