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How to initialize a Unit Delay block with a Bus signal from a Data Dictionary in the Model Workspace in R2021a?

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My model contains a Bus signal feeding a Unit Delay block which should be initialized:
So that Bus elements a and b have different initial conditions.
I saw that one can use the following workflows:
But how can I create the MATLAB struct inside the Model Workspace which should get Bus type data from a Data Dictionary (DD). Besides this I also want to use variables/values from the Base Workspace in the MATLAB struct.
How can I do this?

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 24 Sep 2021 at 4:00
The attached example contains the following information which solves the issue:
The following MATLAB code is used to create the struct:
initBUS = Simulink.Parameter;
myDictionaryObj ='testDD.sldd');
initBUS.DataType = 'Bus: myBus';
initBUS.Value = Simulink.Bus.createMATLABStruct('myBus',[],1,myDictionaryObj); %initializes the struct using the 'scope' property to search for the type in a data dictionary
initBUS.Value.a = evalin('base','aVar'); %gets data from Base Workspace
initBUS.Value.b = evalin('base','bVar'); %gets data from Base Workspace
clear myDictionaryObj
The following property is used to get the Bus type from the Data Dictionary:
After that you simply only have to add the variable initBUS in the Unit Delay mask as follows:
and finally the simulation result is correctly initialized:
If anything is unclear please consider contacting the technical support team for further assistance.

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