How can I mouse pick up and move

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dmfwlansejr on 14 Sep 2021
Edited: Rik on 14 Sep 2021
For example, in following figure
I want to pick up the ball and move the position by mouse!
example code or matlab function is good

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Rik on 14 Sep 2021
Edited: Rik on 14 Sep 2021
You can do this with the WindowButtonDownFcn (or the equivalent for uifigures: ButtonDownFcn).
Inside that callback you can retrieve the current position of the cursor (CurrentPoint) and set a flag so your WindowButtonMotionFcn can do interesting things like changing the XData and YData properties of your ball.
When the button is released you can set a flag to make the motion function return immediately after it starts (or wipe the property).
If you want a working example: you might be able to find examples on the File Exchange, but you can also have a look at my WindowLevel function, which also responds on dragging.

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