Error plotting a bar graph because Assigning to 2 elements using a simple assignment statement is not supported.

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Dear Mathcoders,
I have been striving with this code, but I don find the way to make it without producing this error, I have followed the indications of MATLAB and I used "deal" to make the comma list separated, however It still send me the same error. Do you mind giving me any insights to overcome this issue?
"Assigning to 2 elements using a simple assignment statement is not supported. Consider using comma-separated list
Error in PGeo__SCy (line 383)
b2.BarWidth = 0.4;"
U1=[energy_, (heat_cons + HDW_c)]; %%%Renewable generation
U2=[(Power_ + Sp_ + Lamp_), (heat_cons_ + HDW_c)*SPF]; %%%Consumption
c{1}=deal(U1); %%%Renewable generation
c{2}=deal(U2); %%%Consumption
b1= bar(c{1},'stacked');
b1(1).BarWidth = 0.4;
hold on;
b2.BarWidth = 0.4;
b2.XData = (1:n) - 0.5; % move bars left
xlabel('Months', 'FontWeight','bold')
ylabel('Consumption vs RES (kWp)', 'FontWeight','bold')
grid on
% go.Annotation.LegendInformation.IconDisplayStyle = 'on';
labels = {'Electricity consumption' 'Thermal consumption' 'Photovoltaic Generation' 'Geothermal Generation' };
legend([b2 b1], labels);
% saveas(gcf,'_EnergyShare.png')

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 9 Sep 2021
bar() returns one object of class Bar for each column in the input.
b1= bar(c{1},'stacked');
b1(1).BarWidth = 0.4;
That is okay because in the assignment you select down to just the first of the objects returned.
b2.BarWidth = 0.4;
if c{2} has more than one column then b2 is a vector of Bar objects, and attempting to assign to b2.BarWidth is as-if you had written
b2(1).BarWidth, b2(2).BarWidth, b2(3).BarWidth = 0.4
except with the comma not acting as a statement separation. It is a syntax error.
In the b1 case you selected just the first bar; if you wanted the same for the second then you should have assigned to b2(1).BarWidth .
If you want to assign to the bar width of all of the b2 objects, then you need to do
set(b2, 'BarWidth', 0.4)

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