How to implement an API REST POST in Matlab

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I was able to implement a API GET using webread as following
api = ',code,name,department,leader';
options = weboptions('KeyName','access-token','KeyValue','XXXXXX');
Data = webread(api,options);
However I dont know how to implement a POST in Matlab. See next the POST in cURL. Does anyone know how to do it?
curl --location --request POST '' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--header 'access-token: XXXXXX' \
--data-raw '{
"report": {
"start_date": "2021-06-01",
"end_date": "2021-07-01",
"group_by": "employee",
"row_filters": "with_inactives,has_time_cards",
"columns": "date,shift_name,time_breaks,shift_appointments,time_cards,summary,extra_time,total_time,shift_time,custom_interval_time,overnight_time,registration_number,time_balance,motive, employee_id",
"format": "json"

Accepted Answer

Sean de Wolski
Sean de Wolski on 27 Aug 2021
Look at either:
ans =
weboptions with properties: CharacterEncoding: 'auto' UserAgent: 'MATLAB (R2021a) Update 4' Timeout: 5 Username: '' Password: '' KeyName: '' KeyValue: '' ContentType: 'auto' ContentReader: [] MediaType: 'auto' RequestMethod: 'post' ArrayFormat: 'csv' HeaderFields: [] CertificateFilename: 'default'
doc webwrite

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