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Why I can't sent emails with Matlab Analysis? (Having error 429).

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Alberto Cabrera
Alberto Cabrera on 19 Aug 2021
I have doubt about why I can't receive emails.
I'm uploading data with an ESP8266, and I'm trying to send an email alert when Thingspeak is not receiving any data.
When I run the code, it only shows me a message error with the code 429.
I implemented the following code:
channelID = *********;
alertApiKey = 'TAK**************';
alertUrl = "";
options = weboptions("HeaderFields", ["ThingSpeak-Alerts-API-Key", alertApiKey ]);
alertSubject = sprintf("ALERTA RED FRÍA");
moistureData = thingSpeakRead(channelID,'NumDays',1,'Fields',1);
if isempty(moistureData)
alertBody = 'No hay datos disponibles. Posible falla en la conexión a internet o falla eléctrica';
webwrite(alertUrl , "body", alertBody, "subject", alertSubject, options);
catch someException
fprintf("Failed to send alert: %s\n", someException.message);

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Christopher Stapels
Christopher Stapels on 19 Aug 2021
See Error Codes. 429 is too many requests. You can see the limits on the send alert page in the limitations section.
I reccomend using the no data insert condition in react to track your channel.


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