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R2014b: up-arrow in command line now ignores case (never did before)

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Assume that the following two lines are in the command history:
> R = rand(100,1);
> r = min( R );
Later I want to recall the first of the two commands. In R2013a and earlier versions if I typed
> R<up-arrow>
the command line would respond with
> R = rand(100,1);
Now with R2014a
> R<up-arrow>
> r = min( R );
Apparently the history command line completion is now ignoring case. I do not like that. Is there someway that I can get the old behavior back?
dpb on 29 Jul 2014
Why in the world would it ever be anything but what w/ Matlab being case-sensitive? It certainly should default that way on installation.
Jesse Hopkins
Jesse Hopkins on 18 Aug 2015
agreed. This goes right after changing the 'tab key inserts spaces' default preference. At least we can change it.

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