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Is it possible to set varargin from edit text (GUI)?

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Arwan Khoiruddin
Arwan Khoiruddin on 18 Jul 2014
Closed: MATLAB Answer Bot on 20 Aug 2021
I made a GUI-based matlab code using GUIDE. I have a function that have a varargin parameter as following:
function stocks = hist_stock_data(start_date, end_date, varargin)
I want to get all the three parameters using GUI input text. Here, varargin is intended for the stocks that will be retrieved from database. Therefore, the number of input should be flexible.
For start_date and end_date, I have done it by the following codes:
start_date = str2num(get(handles.edStartDate,'String')); end_date = str2num(get(handles.edEndDate,'String'));
However, I don't know how to get the varargin (stock data) from edStock.
Thank you for your kind help.
Arwan Khoiruddin
Arwan Khoiruddin on 18 Jul 2014
Yups. But the user may have one or several stock(s) to retrieve.

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