GUI set handles don't pass value

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ZK on 27 Mar 2014
Commented: ZK on 28 Mar 2014
Hi, I have if statement, to change added value in GUI edit text button if it is greater than 16. Right now it isn't working, what I should change in it? Part of code:
function etfM_Callback(hObject, eventdata, handles)
global fM;
fM = get(hObject,'String');
if fM>16
fM = 'NaN';
set(handles.etfM, 'String', fM);

Accepted Answer

Niklas Nylén
Niklas Nylén on 28 Mar 2014
Edited: Niklas Nylén on 28 Mar 2014
fM = get(hObject,'String') will return a string. To compare it to 16 in the if statement you need to convert it to a number. One option is to make the following change:
fM = str2num(get(hObject,'String'))

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