How to avoid duplicate running of Matlab Standalone Exe Application

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I have created a matlab exe standalone application. But If a accidentally run same exe file at any other location, it will corrupt the output files of my present running exe application. So i want to lock the running matlab exe application in view of windows task manager. If my application is "DataValidation.exe", how can i lock system for avoiding other duplicate run of my application.
If i duplicate run the application, it has to show the
msgbox("Already other application is in Progress");
and close the duplication run. How can i avoid this duplicate run..?
Kanchibhotla Chandra Sekhar
My main concern is not duplicate the running of same exe file rather corrupting of output files.

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Accepted Answer

Friedrich on 10 Feb 2014
Edited: Friedrich on 10 Feb 2014
you could use the DOS function tasklist:
[~,b] = system('tasklist /fi "Imagename eq DataValidation.exe"')
and post process the output. However simply renaming the application would workaround that check.
Maybe consider creating a /checking for a file in the output folder at startup of your application. So something like
OR in the case you are familar with .NET you could use a global mutex like explained here. So porting this to MATLAB would give
mutex = System.Threading.Mutex(true,'{8F6F0AC4-B9A1-45fd-A8CF-72F04E6BDE8F}')
if mutex.WaitOne(System.TimeSpan.Zero,true)
disp('I can run')
disp('only one at a time')
Run this code in two different MATLAB at the same time and you will see that it works.
Friedrich on 11 Feb 2014
Edited: Friedrich on 11 Feb 2014
I tried the .NET code in several MATLAB version and it always worked fine. What exactly did not work for you? So basically if the IF evaluates to true you run the full code of your application. In the ELSE branch do nothing so that the started application exists right away.

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