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Name and label dimensions of an array?

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Hilmar Lehnert
Hilmar Lehnert on 2 Feb 2014
Commented: Hilmar Lehnert on 2 Feb 2014
Simple example: I have a set of transfer function measurements for different angle and different loudspeakers in the box. So that's 3-dimensional data array with the dimensions being frequency, angle and driver number. I would like to be able to name the dimensions "frequency", "angle" and "driver" and associate scales with them. So the scale frequency would be [0 5 10 .. ] Hz, angle would be [0 30 60 ...] degrees and driver could be either numbers or labels {'woofer', 'tweeter'}
This could be used to access the data so instead of x = fx(23,37,2); Syntax could be x = get(fx,'frequency',1000,'angle',30,'driver','woofer'); Or even x = frequency{1000}.angle{30}.driver{'woofer'}'
I can certainly write a class like this myself but that seems such a basic functionality that I hope someone has already written something like this.


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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 2 Feb 2014
Use a table()

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Hilmar Lehnert
Hilmar Lehnert on 2 Feb 2014
I don't think table() would work. A table is still inherently 2-dimensional jsut with different data tyeps along the row dimensions. I want just a regular data array (of N dimensions) with the ability to name each dimension and associate a scale are axis with each dimension.

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