How to create timeseries object with 3-dimensional Data, 1st (not last) dimension corresponding with Time

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i'm trying to run an old piece of code in which a timeseries object is created with Data being a 3-dimensional array whose 1st dimension corresponds with the time vector. say:
Matlab 2013b meanwhile, results in the error 'Data and time dimensions are incompatible.' For 3-or more-dimensional Data, the last dimension has to correspond with the time vector: 'istimefirst' property is 'false' by default for 3- or more dimensional Data. So i tried:
but set doesn't allow me to change the isTimeFirst property.
So my question is: how can i create a timeseries object with a 3-dimensional Data and have the 1st dimension correspond with Time?

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Francois Clemens
Francois Clemens on 16 Aug 2017
a bit late maybe, but have a loo at the permute function...

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