New figure always appears off the screen!

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Patrick Schuster
Patrick Schuster on 9 Jan 2014
Answered: Jan on 5 May 2015
When I open an new figure with
the figure is displayed out of the screen! This only happens when there are 2 monitors connected.
I tried to solve the problem with
set(0,'defaultfigureposition',[x y w h]')
but this only lasts for the current session. This didnt happen with my last installation of the same MATLAB version.
Is there a file or something in installation-path where I can fix this?
Regards Patrick

Answers (1)

Jan on 5 May 2015
You can insert the definition of the 'defaultfigureposition' in the files matlabrc.m or startup.m . Then it is applied every time Matlab is started. I assume you find the wrong definition in matlabrc and could fix it there also.

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