dlmwrite with two row header

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Orkun OZENER on 1 Jan 2014
Commented: Orkun OZENER on 1 Jan 2014
Hi, I am trying to use dlm write with two row header.(Datanames and headers) I made it for one row header. But For additional header it did not work? I could not write the second row header I would be pleased for any help.
% the data
fnam='stop3.txt'; % <data file
hdr={'Var_no','Acc','Dcc','Vcrs','Fcs','Vmax','Sure'}; % First header
hdr2={'No','m/s2','m/s2','km/h','kg', 'm/s','s'}; % Second Header
m=magic(7) %data
% the engine
txt=sprintf('%s\t %s\r\t',hdr{:},hdr2{:});
% the result
The first row is ok. Bur for secodn row..It did not work. The data should be formatted like this as tab delimited txt file.
Var_No Acc Dcc VCrs FCs Vmax sure
No m/s2 m/s2 km/h kg m/s s
64 1,4 -2 40 0,145529778 11,46442127 50
50 1,2 -2 40 0,15172966 11,46151161 61
57 1,3 -2 40 0,151792581 11,49402332 60
36 1 -2 40 0,15426373 11,43154716 61
Kind Regards. Orkun ÖZENER

Accepted Answer

Jan on 1 Jan 2014
Edited: Jan on 1 Jan 2014
The creation of txt does not do, what you expect. Simply check the contents of this string:
fmt = repmat('%s\t ', 1, length(hdr));
fmt(end:end+1) = '\n';
txt = sprintf(fmt, hdr{:},hdr2{:});
But then dlmwrite inserts an additional line break after the header. What about:
fmt = repmat('%s\t ', 1, length(hdr));
fmt(end:end+1) = '\n';
fid = fopen(fnam, 'w');
fprintf(fid, fmt, hdr{:});
fprintf(fid, fmt, hdr2{:});
Why struggeling with the high-level and smart dlmwrite when you can write to the file directly?
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Orkun OZENER on 1 Jan 2014
Dear Jan Simon,
Thanks for your answer, It fully worked. I tried it step by step. And then I understand the ('\n') addition. AT last it is working now.
For your last question. Actually the program (AVL CONCERTO) that I postprocess needs tab delimited txt for importing. So while searching for this I found dlmwrite. I did not tried or I did not now the basic way.. ıf there is and if you have time I would be happy to hear. Kind Regards. And also happy new year.
I did not tried the basic writ

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