Error in autoplotting and saving data images when using simplot

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I have a simulation which i am controlling from m-file. In the simulation, i have 10 plots which i want to plot every m value finally i want to save as jpg image. I am using following code which i am getting error for plotting the image automatically....
for xplot = 2:1:10
FoldName = ['Fold' num2str(xplot)];
Name = [FoldName '@' num2str(int32(100*Mod))];
SavePath = [resultpath '\' Name];
plotname = [FoldName 'plot'];
plot = simplot(['plot' num2str(xplot)]);
Here i am getting the error at simplot where my simulation plots are saved at plot2,plot3...plot10. At the end of the simulation, i want to run in for loop to save them all automatically in specific folder as jpg image. But simplot is not taking the plot name as string...Can any one tell me that how can i go with this error...or how can i automate the plotting and saving the plots.

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