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Control Design Onramp with Simulink

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Course Overview

Familiarize yourself with the course.


Control System Plant

Learn about the control system plants, inputs, and outputs.


Linearizing the Plant with Model Linearizer

Obtain an LTI estimation of the nonlinear plant with Model Linearizer.


Feedback Control with PID

Learn about feedback control and PID controllers.


PID Tuning

Tune a PID controller with PID Tuner to meet design requirements.


Project: Robotic Leg Control

How to Get Started

Required products: Simulink, Control System Toolbox™, Simulink Control Design™

Students and professors: launch online

Users at commercial, government, or other organizations: launch on desktop

R2020b or later:

  1. Launch MATLAB® and open Simulink.
  2. Select Control Design Onramp from the Simulink Start Page.

R2020a or prior:

  1. Download the latest version of MATLAB if you already have a license, or request a free trial.
  2. Launch MATLAB® and open Simulink.
  3. Select Control Design Onramp from the Simulink Start Page.

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