Benefits of the Self-Paced Format

Step-by-step instruction

Hands-on exercises with automated feedback

Access to MATLAB through your web browser

Shareable progress report and course certificate

About This Course

 Lessons are available only in English.


Course Overview

Familiarize yourself with the course.

10 mins


Working with Image Data

Import, visualize, and extract information from different image types and image data types.

70 mins



Preprocess images to improve algorithms.

  • Enhancing contrast
  • Noise removal techniques
  • Block processing
  • Quality metrics

120 mins


Segmenting Based on Color

Use color spaces, regions of interest, and the Color Thresholder app to segment images based on color.

55 mins


Detecting and Analyzing Texture

Analyze texture within images for segmentation. Measure texture statistics to compare images.

55 mins


Improving Segmentations

Refine your segmentation with morphological operations. Automate segmentation from a seed mask using iterative techniques.

60 mins


Finding and Analyzing Objects

Separate overlapping objects in your segmentation. Label objects and measure their properties, such as area and perimeter.

60 mins


Detecting Edges and Shapes

Detect edges of objects and identify lines and circles in an image.

60 mins


Batch Processing

Process large numbers of files using the Image Batch Processor app and image datastores.

45 mins


Aligning Images with Image Registration

Register images using phase correlation, control points, and feature matching.

55 mins

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