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Communications Toolbox Library for the ZigBee Protocol

Model and simulate communication in a ZigBee network

    ZigBee® is a low-rate wireless personal area network (LRWPAN) standard that is used in a wide range of applications such as sensor networks, home automation, industrial automation, health monitoring, and the Internet of Things (IoT). ZigBee uses the IEEE® 802.15.4 PHY and MAC specification. Other LRWPAN standards such as 6LoWPAN, WirelessHART and MiWi also use the IEEE 802.15.4 PHY and MAC.

    The Communications Toolbox™ Library for the ZigBee Protocol provides end-to-end simulation of the entire communications stack (PHY, MAC, NET, APP). With this library, you can simulate the following:

    • PHY layer examples:

      • Waveform generation and decoding for the original IEEE 802.15.4 specification and IEEE 802.15.4b/c/d

      • Practical signal recovery for IEEE 802.15.4 OQPSK signals at 2.4 GHz

    • MAC layer examples:

      • Generate and decode IEEE 802.15.4 MAC frames

      • Simulate the asynchronous CSMA IEEE 802.15.4 MAC

    • NET layer examples:

      • Generate and decode data frames of the ZigBee NET layer

    • APP layer examples:

      • Generate and decode frames of the Application Support Sublayer

      • Generate and decode the header of ZigBee Cluster Library (ZCL) frames

      • Generate and decode frames for the ZigBee Home Automation, Light Link, and Smart Energy application profiles

    Communications Toolbox Library for the ZigBee Protocol Examples

    ZigBee standard based links