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RFSoC Support for Fixed Reference Design

Create SoC model for fixed reference design, edit created model to include algorithm, simulate and/or build and deploy model on RFSoC devices

This workflow enables algorithm and system designers to generate an HDL IP core and integrate it into a fixed reference design for rapid prototyping. Create an SoC model based on the selected reference design for the supported Xilinx® RFSoC devices by using the SoC Model Creator tool. Use the created model as a template to design and simulate your FPGA algorithm and processor algorithm. Then, generate a bitstream and host I/O model, build a software application, and program the board by using the SoC Builder tool.


Configure RFSoC Design Using SoC Model Creator

Customize and design an SoC model by using the SoC Model Creator tool.

Generate RFSoC Design

Generate an RFSoC system by using RFSoC support for a fixed reference design workflow.

SoC Generation Workflows

Choose between the SoC Builder tool and the socExportReferenceDesign function for deploying your design on an SoC device.


AXI4-Stream IIO Write (HOST)Write arrays to DDR memory buffer of IP core device from simulation model
AXI4-Stream IIO Read (HOST)Read DDR memory buffer from IP core device into simulation model
AXI4-Register IIO Read (HOST)Read memory-mapped registers into simulation model
AXI4-Register IIO Write (HOST)Write data to memory-mapped registers from a simulation model
ADC To VectorConvert concatenated 16-bit ADC input samples to vector outputs
Vector To DACConvert vector inputs to concatenated 16-bit DAC output samples


SoC Model CreatorCreate SoC model based on selected RFSoC reference design


soc.RFDataConverterConfigure the RF Data Converter on the RFSoC device from MATLAB

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