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Operating System (OS) Customization

Customize the operating system on the embedded processor in Xilinx® SoC device.

Use the operating system (OS) customization tool to update the embedded OS running on an Xilinx SoC device processor. Add libraries to enable SoC Blockset™ features on your custom OS.


OS CustomizerCustomize embedded processor operating system to support MathWorks and SoC Blockset features


OS Customization Work Flow

The OS CustomizerOS Customizer tool provides a consistent work flow to update the operating system on your SoC device.

Build System Configurations

The OS CustomizerOS Customizer tool uses an existing build system, either within the OS running on the SoC processor or through an external computer, to generate the OS firmware image.

Libraries Added by OS Customizer Tool

When the OS CustomizerOS Customizer modifies the firmware image of your hardware board, a variety of libraries get added or modified in your OS firmware.