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ThingSpeak Write

Publish data to the Internet of Things using ThingSpeak


You can publish data from your target hardware to the Internet of Things using ThingSpeak.

ThingSpeak is a web service for Internet of Things applications. It provides real-time data collection, data processing, visualizations, apps, and plugins.

For more information, search the Help for “Publish Data to Internet of Things using ThingSpeak”.



Update URL

The default URL used in this parameter is

Write API key

Get the key for this parameter from the Write API Key parameter in

After creating a ThingSpeak channel for your target hardware:

  1. In the website, select Channels > My Channels.

  2. Under the channel that you created for this target hardware, click Settings.

  3. Click the API Keys tab.

  4. Copy the key from the Write API Key parameter.

  5. Open the ThingSpeak Write block in your model and paste the API key into the block Write API key parameter.

Number of variables to send

Set the number of variables to send.

The default value is 1.

Update interval

Set the number of seconds to wait between sending the data.

The default value is 60 seconds.

Print diagnostic messages

Enable getting ThingSpeak server response data and sending it to the standard output device.


Send location information

When this parameter is set to:

Input port, specify the location using a signal that is connected to the location block input.

Block dialog, specify the location using the Location (latitude, longitude, altitude) parameter.

In both cases, specify the location as a cell array of three elements:


Use decimal degrees notation to specify latitude and longitude. Use meters to specify altitude. For example:

  • The lowest human-sized point underground, the TauTona Mine in Carletonville, South Africa: [-26.416111,27.4275,-3900]

  • The highest point measured from sea level, the summit of Mount Everest in Nepal: [27.988056,86.925278,8848]

Location (latitude, longitude, altitude)

Setting the Send location information parameter to Block dialog displays this parameter.

Specify the location as a cell array of three elements: