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Acquire Images with Kinect V2

Acquire image and skeletal data from Kinect® for Windows® V2

The Kinect adaptor lets you acquire images using a Kinect for Windows V1 or V2 device. The Kinect V2 Sensor runs on Windows 8 and above.


videoinputCreate video input object
imaq.VideoDeviceAcquire one frame at a time from video device
getdataAcquired image frames to MATLAB workspace
peekdataMost recently acquired image data
getsnapshotImmediately return single image frame
startObtain exclusive use of image acquisition device
isloggingDetermine whether video input object is logging
isrunningDetermine whether video input object is running
isvalidDetermine whether image acquisition object is associated with image acquisition device
waitWait until image acquisition object stops running or logging
stopStop video input object
clearClear image acquisition object from MATLAB workspace
deleteRemove image acquisition object from memory
flushdataRemove data from memory buffer used to store acquired image frames
obj2mfileConvert video input objects to MATLAB code
imaqmontageSequence of image frames as montage
loadLoad image acquisition object into MATLAB workspace
saveSave image acquisition objects to MAT-file
triggerInitiate data logging
triggerconfigConfigure video input object trigger properties
triggerinfoProvide information about available trigger configurations


Image Acquisition Tool(Removed) Acquire images and video from hardware

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