Troubleshooting in MATLAB Support Package for Arduino Hardware


MATLAB® Compiler™ does not currently support the MATLAB Support Package for Arduino® Hardware. You are not able to deploy MATLAB code that contains functions from this support package to create standalone applications or web apps. A generated application with functions from this support package will return errors.

Try This First

Arduino USB, Bluetooth, and WiFi Connection Failure

If you are unable to connect to your Arduino hardware using USB, Bluetooth® or WiFi, try these tips.

Arduino Bluetooth Setup Tips

If you are unable to configure your Arduino hardware to use Bluetooth communication, try these tips.

Lost Connection and Data Issues

If you are losing connection to your Arduino hardware and seeing improper data, try these tips.

Other Troubleshooting Issues

Find Arduino Port on Windows, Mac, and Linux

Find the port number for your Arduino hardware.

Board Specific Issues

If you are facing issues using Arduino ATmega328p, Arduino Due, Arduino Mini, Arduino Leonardo and Micro boards or using an Arduino to FTDI adaptor connection, try these tips.

Arduino Resource Conflicts

If you are facing Arduino hardware resource conflict error, try these tips.

Adafruit Motor Shields and Servo Issues

If you are facing issues using Adafruit motor shields and servo motors, try these tips.

Custom Arduino Library Issues

If you are facing issues when using your custom Arduino library, try these tips.

Install Hardware Driver

Install Arduino hardware and FTDI drivers.