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Prediction Using Classification and Regression Trees

This example shows how to predict class labels or responses using trained classification and regression trees.

After creating a tree, you can easily predict responses for new data. Suppose Xnew is new data that has the same number of columns as the original data X. To predict the classification or regression based on the tree (Mdl) and the new data, enter

Ynew = predict(Mdl,Xnew)

For each row of data in Xnew, predict runs through the decisions in Mdl and gives the resulting prediction in the corresponding element of Ynew. For more information on classification tree prediction, see the predict. For regression, see predict.

For example, find the predicted classification of a point at the mean of the ionosphere data.

load ionosphere 
CMdl = fitctree(X,Y);
Ynew = predict(CMdl,mean(X))
Ynew = 1x1 cell array

Find the predicted MPG of a point at the mean of the carsmall data.

load carsmall 
X = [Horsepower Weight];
RMdl = fitrtree(X,MPG);
Ynew = predict(RMdl,mean(X))
Ynew = 28.7931

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