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RF Transistor IV Characteristics Test Harness

This example defines a test harness to estimate the I-V characteristics of a bipolar transistor from a Simscape™ Electrical™ simulation model.

Model Overview

The circuit in this model estimates the transistor I-V characteristics.

Semiconductor Device Model

The semiconductor device in this example models an Infineon bipolar transistor BFP196W. A SPICE netlist, downloaded from the manufacturer website, defines the behavior of this transistor. The subcircuit2ssc function is then used to convert the SPICE netlist into an equivalent Simscape language file.

To validate the parameterized SSC file, this example plots the I-V characteristics of the bipolar transistor. To plot the I-V characteristics, at the MATLAB Command Window, enter: RFPowerAmplifierIVTestHarnessPlot.

This figure shows the transistor I-V characteristics.