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Interface with FMCOMMS5 Zynq radio hardware

Add-On Required: This feature requires the SoC Blockset Support Package for Xilinx Devices add-on.


The comm.SDRDevFMCOMMS5 radio object interfaces with an FMCOMMS5 Zynq® radio hardware. Use this object to configure the radio hardware and the host computer for proper communication.

To use this object, in the hardware setup, select the Xilinx® ZC706 radio hardware with Analog Devices® FMCOMMS5 RF card.


To create a comm.SDRDevFMCOMMS5 radio object, call the sdrdev function with argument 'FMCOMMS5'.

dev = sdrdev('FMCOMMS5');

If you configure the radio hardware with an IP address other than the default during the host-radio hardware setup, you can also specify the new IP address when creating the object. Set the IPAddress property upon creation of the object by using a name-value pair.

dev = sdrdev('FMCOMMS5','IPAddress','');


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Name of FMCOMMS5 Zynq radio hardware, specified as a character vector.

IP address of the radio hardware, specified as a dotted-quad character vector.

The IPAddress property of the radio object must match the physical IP address of the radio hardware assigned during hardware setup. For more information, see Set Up Xilinx Devices. By default, this IP address is ''. If you configure the radio hardware with an IP address other than the default, update the IPAddress property of the radio object.

dev = sdrdev('FMCOMMS5');
dev.IPAddress = '';

Alternatively, you can specify the IP address when creating the object:

dev = sdrdev('FMCOMMS5','IPAddress','');

Data Types: string | char

Object Functions

downloadImageDownload SD card image or bitstream file
infoGet radio hardware information
testConnectionTest connection between host and radio hardware


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Create a radio object for your FMCOMMS5 radio hardware.

dev = sdrdev('FMCOMMS5')
dev = 
  SDRDevFMCOMMS5 with properties:

     IPAddress: ''
    DeviceName: 'FMCOMMS5'

Use this object to get radio hardware information.

## Establishing connection to hardware. This process can take several seconds.
ans = struct with fields:
       Status: 'Full information'
       libiio: 'Host version: 0.17.g5bdc242'
          HDL: 'PCORE Version: 10.0b'
    Bitstream: 'Custom bitstream loaded, Path: /mnt/system.bit, MD5: dee2b953a32c1bcf4ace01e4582c9b19'

You can also use this object to test host-radio connectivity.

## Pinging radio IP address
## Checking compatibility of software with hardware
## Testing data path from Zynq board to host
## All tests PASSED.
ans = logical

Version History

Introduced in R2019a