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List all kinematic variables assigned as initial guesses


initialGuessVariables(ks) outputs a table that lists the guess variables in the KinematicsSolver object ks. Each row lists the ID, joint type, block path, and unit of a variable.

Only joint variables can serve as guesses. To assign a variable as guess, use the addInitialGuessVariables object function. To remove guesses, use the removeInitialGuessVariables object function to drop guess variables that are no longer needed for the analysis, or use the clearInitialGuessVariables object function to drop all guess variables in one call.

When multiple solutions exist, initial guess variables can help bias the solver to converge on the desired solution. Guess variables are optional but important solver guides in some kinematics problems.

Input Arguments

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Kinematics solver object, specified as a KinematicsSolver object that is the representation of the Simscape™ Multibody™ model used for kinematic analysis.

Example: ks = simscape.multibody.KinematicsSolver("DoublePendulumExample​'​')

Version History

Introduced in R2019a