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Observer Reference

Create and contain an Observer model

  • Observer Reference block

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An Observer Reference block references a separate model called the Observer model. The Observer model and Observer Reference block enable wireless monitoring of the signals in the main model. When you click or select Add Observer Reference from the Test tab or the context menu, respectively, an Observer Reference block is automatically added to the top level of your main Simulink® model, and an Observer model is created. You can add Observer Reference blocks only at the top level of the model.

The Observer model contains an Observer Port block and can contain blocks such as scopes or a verification subsystem to monitor or verify the observed signals, respectively. Signals are mapped to the Observer model through the Observer Port block. The Observer Reference block does not have inports or outports. For more information and an example of using Observers, see Access Model Data Wirelessly by Using Observers.

To stop observing signals, delete all the Observer Reference blocks from the main model.


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Path to the Observer model. The filename must be a valid MATLAB® identifier. The extension, for example, .slx, is optional. You enter the Observer model name in the Observer Reference block parameters dialog box, which you access by right-clicking on the block and selecting Block Parameters. You can also open the model you specify from the dialog box.

Programmatic Use

Parameter: ObserverModelName
Type: character vector
Value: '' | '<observer model name>'
Default: ''

Version History

Introduced in R2019a