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Managing Requirements Without Modifying Simulink Model Files

Simulink Requirements supports two different ways to store link data for Simulink models: you can either embed link data in the .slx file, or you can store links in an external .slmx file (external .req file for R2017a and earlier releases).

For older Simulink models in .mdl format, embedded storage is not possible beginning R2017b, you must either store link data externally (in a separate .slmx file, or you need to upgrade the Simulink model file to .slx format. You will be prompted to upgrade your data when you load such a model for the first time after upgrading to R2017b.

Embedded storage makes it easier to share your work - you do not need to keep track of the extra *.slmx file, but this has the disadvantage that model file is modified every time you add, edit, or delete a requirements link. Additionally, when using external *.slmx files, you can manage multiple sets of requirements links for same model, by configuring your session to load one or the other .slmx file.

Open Example Model

This example will use the Power Window Controller model to demonstrate how to work with externally stored RMI links. Open the model. In case your experimented with this model before, use,'clear') command to discard any known .slmx file mapping before opening the model:'slvnvdemo_powerwindowController', 'clear');
Removing all mapping for [MATLAB]/toolbox/slrequirements/slrequirementsdemos/slvnvdemo_powerwindowController.slx

Configure RMI to Store Links Externally

Select Analysis > Requirements Traceability > Settings and open the Settings dialog box to Storage tab. Click Store externally option button.

The default file name for saving requirements links data is ModelName .slmx. If the file is not present in the model folder, the model is assumed to have no links to requirements, as you can verify by highlighting the model.

rmipref('StoreDataExternally', true);
rmi('highlightModel', 'slvnvdemo_powerwindowController');

Creating and Managing RMI Links

You create and manage links in exactly same way you do with internal storage. As an example, create one new link from model to document:

If the model is still highlighted, the Mux block highlights to indicate associated requirements data. Note that the title bar does not indicate unsaved changes. New link information is stored separately from the model. Simulink warns you that links will be saved in a separate file.

testReqLink = rmi('createEmpty');
testReqLink.description = 'testReqLink';
testReqLink.doc = 'powerwin_reqs\PowerWindowSpecification.docx'; = '?passenger input consists of a vector with three elements';
rmi('set', 'slvnvdemo_powerwindowController/Mux4', testReqLink);
Warning: Invalid destination or unregistered type:

Saving Requirements Links Data to External Files

While working with a model that stores RMI data externally, changes to requirement links are saved when you:

  • Save or Save As the Simulink model, even if the title bar does not indicate unsaved changes.

  • Close the model. You will be prompted to save links changes if any.

  • Use Save Links... or Save Links As... shortcuts under Analysis > Requirements > Link File submenu.

Close the model. You will be prompted about the link that you just created. You may save the links file with the default ModelName .slmx name in the model directory, or choose a different file name and/or location.

close_system('slvnvdemo_powerwindowController', 0);

Loading Requirements Links from External Files

When you open a model, RMI will try to load requirements links data from the recently used location for this model. You may also select Analysis > Requirements > Links File > Load links... to choose a different .slmx (or an older .req) file. This allows to use several sets of links with the same model, for example, links to design change descriptions that are different from links to original design specifications.

  • Highlight requirements in the model to confirm that an alternative set of links is now associated with the model. You can navigate and modify these links in the same way you would work with embedded (in-model) links.

otherReqFile = fullfile(matlabroot, 'toolbox', 'slrequirements', 'slrequirementsdemos', 'powerwin_reqs', 'slvnvdemo_powerwindowRequirements.req');'slvnvdemo_powerwindowController', otherReqFile);
rmi('highlightModel', 'slvnvdemo_powerwindowController');
Mapping [MATLAB]/toolbox/slrequirements/slrequirementsdemos/slvnvdemo_powerwindowController.slx to [MATLAB]/toolbox/slrequirements/slrequirementsdemos/powerwin_reqs/slvnvdemo_powerwindowRequirements.req
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Moving RMI Links from Internal to External Storage

A model with existing embedded requirements links can be converted to external storage. Link data will no longer be stored in .slx file, but in a new .slmx file. To try this out:

  • Open another model that has internally stored RMI data.

  • Resave with a new name to create a writeable copy.

  • Select Analysis > Requirements > Links File > Save Links As... to open a file browser.

  • Choose a file name for the new external .slmx file and click OK. Model is resaved with no embedded links and a new .slmx file is

Your ability to use and manage links in this model now depend on the external file.

Points to keep in mind before you move internally stored links to an external file:

  • You will need to carry an extra .slmx file along with the model file.

  • Non-default file name and location associations are stored in user preferences. If you move or rename the .slmx file outside MATLAB, you will have to manually point RMI to the new location when the model is reopened.

  • When one user has configured a non-default location or name for the .slmx file associated with the model, other RMI users will need to manually select Load links when they open the model. The specified location will persist in each user's preferences and does not need to change unless files are moved or renamed again.

tempModelName = 'fuelsys_officereq_copy';
tempModelCopy = fullfile(tempdir, [tempModelName '.slx']);
save_system('slvnvdemo_fuelsys_officereq', tempModelCopy);
tempLinkFile = strrep(tempModelCopy, '.slx', '_links.slmx');
rmidata.saveAs(tempModelName, tempLinkFile);
rmi('highlightModel', tempModelName);

Moving RMI Links from External to Internal Storage

To embed RMI data with the Simulink model, so that all information is in one place and you do not need to track extra files, select Analysis > Requirements > Links File > Copy to Model. The external .slmx file still exists, but it is NOT read when you reopen the model that now has embedded RMI data. You can try this out with the fuelsys_officereq_copy model.

Points to keep in mind before you embed RMI data with the model file:

  • Every change to RMI links will modify the model file.

  • External .slmx files are disregarded when .slx file contains traceability links data.


Steps in this example might have created files inside the examples folder and modified your stored mapping of .slmx/.req file names. Click to cleanup.

close_system('slvnvdemo_powerwindowController', 0);  % close demo model, discard changes
tmpfilepath = fullfile(matlabroot, 'toolbox', 'slrequirements', 'slrequirementsdemos', 'slvnvdemo_powerwindowController.slx');, 'clear');     % forget mdl-to-req mappings
tmpfilepath = strrep(tmpfilepath, '.slx', '.slmx');
if exist(tmpfilepath, 'file') == 2, delete(tmpfilepath); end   % delete links file

close_system('fuelsys_officereq_copy', 0);, 'clear');     % forget model to Links File mappings
if exist(tempModelCopy,'file') == 2, delete(tempModelCopy); end    % delete temporary copy of model file
if exist(tempLinkFile, 'file') == 2, delete(tempLinkFile); end   % delete .req file we just saved

clear tmpfilepath tempModelCopy tempLinkFile;

rmiut.closeDlg(getString(message('Slvnv:reqmgt:highlightObjectsWithReqs')));  % close popup if still open
Removing all mapping for [MATLAB]/toolbox/slrequirements/slrequirementsdemos/slvnvdemo_powerwindowController.slx
Removing all mapping for /tmp/Bdoc19a_1099451_218128/fuelsys_officereq_copy.slx