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Represent device driver in real-time kernel

Since R2023b


An RT.Driver object represents a device driver in the real-time kernel.


Use the loadDriver function to load a device driver in the real-time kernel.


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The Parent property provides the name of the kernel object that is the parent of the device driver.

The name of the device driver.

The device driver address.

The I/O sizes of devices. The array contains the sizes of all supported I/O types:

  • Analog I/O

  • Digital I/O

  • Counter I/O

  • Encoder I/O

  • Other I/O

  • Stream I/O

Object Functions

loadDriverLoad driver instance into real-time kernel


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This example shows how to get driver property values for the RT.Driver object.

Create a variable that represents the driver, then get the Name property value.

myBoard = get_param(['sldrtex_counter','/Counter Input'], 'DrvName');
myDriver = loadDriver(RT.Kernel,myBoard);
ans =


Version History

Introduced in R2023b